The song of the summer is here from Alabama 3

Alabama 3 play a benefit gig at the Brixton Electric for local housing campaigns. 11-6-15

It is the first release since since their anniversary tour following the sad departure of the very Reverend D Wayne Love and the coolest band in the world have not disappointed us:

‘Whacked’ is a suitably unsubtle celebration of extreme hedonism to a country acid-house groove that immediately takes its place up there with their most memorable releases like ‘Hello.. I’m Johnny Cash‘ and ‘Woke up this morning‘. While its subject matter will guarantee absolute zero radio play this could well be the anthem that defines those post-COVID summer months ahead. When those venues and dance floors reopen and we all jump back head first into our wicked ways while seriously making up for all those lost gigs and parties. Let the good times roll people…


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