Love Music Hate Racism carnival 2008


We are a collective of collaborators from a range of backgrounds united by a love of music and musicians with something important to say. This is a non-profit project that aims to communicate & celebrate.

We actively oppose all kinds of oppression & discrimination. We shamelessly laud the people who use music, art & culture to fight back against those whose greed, prejudice & stupidity will send us all into social, economic & environmental catastrophe. These are our final hours and everything is political.


We bring the news, views & reviews that the mainstream wont touch or be interested in. We honour the bands, venues, promoters & labels who care about the world in which we live. We applaud new & uncharted territory while promoting already established voices of reason & treason.

We’ll prioritise the organic and independent while also giving due consideration to the established names with a conscience. There are no cultural or musical boundaries. We aim to share & enlighten. We do not discriminate.


We aim to break stories as they happen and this site is user/contributor led. We also have a sense of history and will readily salute the key voices of days gone by.


We are presently based in the UK, mostly around London and the south of England with a desire to expand all over the place. Our news & coverage is primarily geared towards the UK & Ireland for the time being. None of this is written in stone.


We strive to create a forum that empowers musicians & artists to speak out.

Because we see our spaces & venues being closed down and turned into private housing or brands promoting tax dodging corporations. Music & culture belongs to the people who create and enjoy it. Not those who wish to own it.

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