Call for tracks for new project launch

PINEAPPLEONPIZZA is a new initiative aiming to support transgender/non binary/gender nonconforming artists with both both practical and therapeutic assistance through the DIY scene. Rather than just asking for donations they’d like their sponsors to get something for their money while spreading a little musical love at the same time.

So kick things off the collective is producing a benefit album and appealing for donated tracks to include on the release. They’d particularly like to hear from all those queer punks who’ve been solid in their support for oppressed gender minorities over the years. So far some top tunes have been contributed by: Beefy Wink, IRN Brunette, Shh Diam, Tuffragettes, Zawody, Sarchasm, Danny Denial, Passionless Pointless, Riot Spears, Radical Kitten and Emaskulator. There is room for more! So to find out more or get involved click here.


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