Bonkers new track from Dez Dare

For those who feel like they’re going a bit nuts in this third lockdown, this new tune will either cure your ills or boot you into oblivion.

The latest offering from psychedelic punkster Dez Dare is a driving surf/punk tune that morphs into the kind of bell clanging, bopping weirdness that The Cardiacs melted our hearts with back in the day.

While the music is surreal the words carry a blunt message to the world at large, particularly this sorry nation of ours. “I have a strong distaste for nationalism,” says Darren Smallman. “I want to push against entrenched views, closed borders and minds of large groups of the human race. There are a lot of fights happening at present around the world from climate to right-wing hysteria to unfettered capitalism and we need to work together as an animal of the same kind rather than separated by space, colour and tradition.”

‘Dumb, dumb, dumb’ is lifted from the forthcoming new album ‘Hairline Ego Trip’, coming out this June 4th via Ch!mp Records.


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