Seriously Trump just fuck off!

As we count the hours until the racist orange shit gibbon finally admits defeat, those considerate souls at Alternative Tentacles have been kind enough to provide us with some audio-visual relief in the interim.

Taken from their forthcoming album ‘Tea Party Revenge Porn‘ the song explores familiar territory that frontman Jello Biafra has been shouting about since his first band The Dead Kennedys starting playing playing in 1978. Most who’ve followed his career remain in agreement that his present project Jello Biafra and Guantanimo School of Medicine has far surpassed the later material released by his better known band and easily equals the early stuff. Not least because the politics are more relevant than ever as the video for this taster from the third full album demonstrates. We are thoroughly looking forward to reviewing the record in its entirety this coming January. It is presently available for pre-order.


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