PI$$ER- Carved Up For Yuks (2021)

Pre-orders have just opened for PI$$ER’s 3rd record; a 12” mini-LP of remixed PI$$ER songs, titled Carved Up For Yuks. If you keep up with the UK punk scene online, you’ve most definitely heard about PI$$ER. They describe themselves as, “[The] Cravats and X-Ray Spex meeting bangin’ Swedish hardcore” [sic], and their line-up was cherry picked from various classic, and not so classic, UK punk bands.
The first track “Nasty Rhythm” lets you know what’s up from the start; it’s thumping almost Jungle type beat makes anyone who’s listened to their last 2 records go, “WAIT A MINUTE I KNOW THIS SONG!” and suddenly realise for better or for worse that this is a Pi$$er remix record. As a band who claim to do things a bit differently- by dividing, confusing, and conquering their d-beat and hardcore kid fanbase- it is good to see them sticking to this ethos and creating a variety of quality mixes spanning different electronic sounds and sub-genres. The second track “Piss Bazaar”, with it’s driving bass guitar line and consistent snare, will force any listener to bob their head repetitively throughout like Andrew Fearne in the background of a SMs stage show.

3rd time’s the charm though, for any of you with stomachs too weak for the weird, because Fifteen Percent Dub Time, brings the PI$$ER sound we all knew n’ loved before this release back to the table; albeit still through remixing their not-so-old-classic Time. A healthy dose of common sense, you know, giving the people what they want after giving them what they NEED- i.e something new and fresh, like d-beat with saxophone, remixed into weird new experimental punk music- so they don’t end up hating you entirely.

The B-Side is strong like its counterpart; kicking in with Jazz Funk Wasps and quickly sterilizing any punk-radiation there might be remaining in the atmosphere after you sesh the A-side. My favourite track by Pi$$er was always Dancing in the light of your burning bridges…, and the last thing I’m sayin’ is that the remix of this track- More petrol, more light, more dancing…- HAS done it justice, and is not a lowsy comparison to the original. I think that says it all, so ditch the chai latte and check this record out instead.
Oh and James, do some donk remixes yeah. Thanks mate.

Matty Cabbage


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