New video & forthcoming album from Left for Dead

Left for dead have officially released their first tune from ‘Two generations’ their partially recorded new album being produced by the legendary Pat Collier. While not exactly a musical departure the new track suggests that they’re refining their distinctive sound yet further with this latest release which contains the usual elements of fast and furious guitars hovering over thunderous drumming.

Talking of which the band are seeking a temporary replacement on the drums as Ed will be abroad for a handful of upcoming dates. Contact the band after watching the video below if you think you’re good enough?

The promo was recorded at the Overdrive Studios which is presently facing eviction and also in the Birds Nest one of our cherished South London venues which recently reopened after an issue was resolved. The video ends with the band being slung out of the pub. We’re frankly surprised they allowed them through the door to begin with…


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