In decades to come (if we last that long) there will be a museum dedicated to the Great Plague of 20/21. Glass cases will display the death certificates of NHS workers alongside their time sheets and substandard PPE.

Inevitably a section will be dedicated to effect on live music. There will be a pile of rusty hippy crack canisters along with a bag of degraded MDMA that went off before they could be dished out to posh kids at Glastonbury. But also there will be a chapter dedicated to all the weird and wonderful creations spawned by temporary death of the live scene, where this piece of seven-inch perfection should take pride of place.

A product of lockdown and long distance recording/mixing this little gem kicks of with the howling onslaught of ‘SIMIAN CUNT’. The raging fury spat by May (Circle Nøne) to The Migrianes speed punk tirade, broken up by Big Blackish refrains, that then descends into a sludgy pit of howling despair is the perfect accompaniment to those darkest moments of pandemic curfew.

Then to lift you back up, the same collaboration brings the bouncy hardcore joy that is ‘What we do is STILL a secret’. They duet so well on vocals together that you wish they’d do this more often. Or at least play on the same bill when those gigs restart so we can get these creations live and loud as the lord almighty intended.

But there is more… Side B features the pneumatic break core inferno of ‘Simian Cunt’ remixed by ShitLip. Followed by an exclusive bit of podcast by the late great and dearly missed anarchist thinker David Graeber. His eloquently delivered thoughts on employment chime perfectly with all those new realities thrown up by the never-ending virus and the present death of work as most of us previously experienced it.

A top memento from these troubled times.


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