Los fastidios, Dakka skanks, Asfixia Social & Left for Dead

I mean seriously, what’s not to like about this gig…???

As part of Be Sharp Promotions 10th Birthday celebrations…

Doors 7pm
£10 ADV / £12 OTD


The Los Fastidios sound is a powerful melodic streetpunk which mixes classical 80’s British Punk-OI ! sounds with skanking, rock’n’roll and hardcore rythms, sung in Italian with some touches of english, french and spanish languages. The lyrics come from the most cheerful street situations to more serious and involved matters which deal with social problems, such as battles against racism-fascism and any form of discrimination, for the animal rights, for freedom and against the capitalistic system…


with support from:

Dakka Skanks
Five piece ska/dub/punk/reggae band based in Brighton. Combining catchy choruses, up-tempo riffs and dubby breakdowns whilst maintaining the iconic ska vibe and seamlessly integrating elements of dub, reggae and punk, to create a modern twist on an old favourite.

Asfixia Social
Energetic Brazilian five piece that has caught the attention of public and media to the originality of their sound and mix between rap, punk, brazilian music, ska, dub, hardcore, jazz, reggae, funk, metal and lyrics that portray the daily life of the group in the outskirts of São Paulo.

left for dead
London-based four piece. DIY, Anti-Fa, Melodic old school punk rock with an aggressive edge.


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