Corona-tunes VOLUME 1

As our inbred excuse for a government pack thousands of toilet rolls into their Range Rovers and head for Cornwall many musicians continue to do the right thing and stay at home. Doing their utmost to use their time productively, some of them are keeping us entertained online with brand new and highly topical material. Or in some cases. Hilarious parodies of existing songs.

As we predict that this gig-free state of affairs will continue for the next few months. We’re going to do our utmost to bring you the best political tunes and satire available online along with coverage of whatever new releases come out during these troubled times. So below we humbly present the first in our series of Corona-tunes.

But before that… (colour drains from face). In other news it seems that the people of Italy can now consider themselves ‘saved’ as immortal deity Bono has recorded his first song in 3 blissful Bono-free years and dedicated it to them (as if they haven’t suffered enough already). The song, which is a nauseating mixture of both cheesy and tuneless represents a new low for the U2 front man whom is widely considered to be the patron saint of tax avoidance. If you’re desperate to vomit your panic-bought pasta into your lap before checking out the music below then click here. You were warned.


First up we have an absolute treat from Mr Steve White of The Protest family who has articulated the feelings of many towards those unbelievable morons who see panic buying as some kind of business opportunity:


One woman band Stepanie Forryan has delivered and extremely funny tribute to a certain hit single by The Knack from 1979:


Unsurprisingly prolific anarcho-folkie David Rovics has already dished out a couple of songs inspired by the pandemic. Here is the first:


The Scuts singer-guitarist Ali Keane has articulated his feelings of dread caused by the first ever cancellation of St Patrick’s day into this fantastic tune:


Five Times August has delivered a fabulous pastiche of a well known number that might possibly sound a bit familiar to Billy Joel:

Those of you desperately trying to keep those children entertained now that the schools have closed, could do worse than to check out this release by Robb Johnson aimed at the little rug rats:


Another comedy cover version comes from Mathew Fearon who even manages to look and sound a bit like the scouser he is emulating:


Finally for those of you having trouble sleeping we highly recommend this ballad by Faithless guitarist and song writer Dave Randall called ‘Lockdown lullaby’:



We’ll be back soon with more material from a more diverse pool of artists. If you have any suggestions for the next playlist then please post them in the comments section below or email them to:

Stay safe and sensible everyone!


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