Alerta! Alerta! Cute people naked…

Never let it be said that our intrepid reporters at Final Hours wont do whatever it takes to get the arse.. I mean bottom of any important story. Our very own Vez took time off from Wonk Unit to investigate the latest promo by Aerial Salad:

Inside scoop: on Aerial Salad’s latest video, Lazy.

Perhaps you’re self-isolating under a rock, and if you are, you may have missed Aerial Salad’s latest video release for their song Lazy. Also, a good choice of location, living under a rock is probably really decent for social distancing.

I was fortunate enough that one of my final hurrahs of pre-quarantine life was to hop on the train to Manchester to spend some quality face-to-face (or rather, face to arse) time with my dear friends Jamie Munro and Mike Wimbleton (and of course fabulous videographer/visionary/friend Kieron Jordan).

Following a growing theme of ridiculousness and partial nudity in Aerial Salad’s videos I obviously jumped at the chance to get involved as a glamorous assistant/extra, and so was spent an excellent day of extreme relaxation (and some mid-take chundering a la Mike- it’s all swings and roundabouts).

Jamie and I spend a good many hours on the phone every week, and one thing we really love is a list, so I will make one for you now. You learn a few things when you spend a day watching your best friends sit about definitely not getting really high in the nude with cameras rolling, including but by no means limited to:

1)Everyone needs to chill out about nudity
Have you ever sat about with your friends whilst naked? It’s an act of great platonic trust, one which I recommend to all (provided you adhere to a 2-metre rule). I remained clothed on this occasion, but the sight of my two best friends climbing into a bubble bath together was almost enough to bring a tear to the eye, like watching the end of a lovely Christmas film. (Please don’t make this into a Christmas film).


2) You probably shouldn’t consume three large Dominos’ pizzas and a bowl of coco pops the night before appearing fully nude in a music video
That’s right Jamie, I’m calling you out for this. Unless you wanna be in bloating hell, maybe stick to the one whole large pizza to yourself, or at least stock up on Rennie’s. 

3) Method-acting comes with occupational hazards
To get into character it was important for Mike & Jamie to definitely not get really high because that would be inappropriate and unprofessional. But say that they did, for the entirety of the recording process from morning until evening, and every take included several repeated takes, by the end you’d surely just be a dribbling wreck. And you’d probably throw up a little too. Look, all I’m saying is, take it easy yeah? All of you. We don’t want any more accidents. 

All jokes aside, Lazy is the perfect lockdown listen- with the silliest DIY video to match. Watch the video here. Aerial Salad’s second album, Dirt Mall, came out via Cadiz/Plasterer Records/Roach Industries last month- stream online or purchase a physical copy here.


By Veronique Hawksworth


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