Folk punk at the Birds Nest May 11th

An Alternative Gathering are back for a second night this month, this time we bring you an evening of punk seasoned with acoustic guitars, accordians, violins and of course straight down your throat three chord punk rock’n’roll.

From 8pm
Free Entry

Happy Hour 6 – 7pm (all pints £3.50)
Kitchen open till 9pm serving meat, vegetarian and vegan options.

Folk-Punk … Roots-Punk … Agit-Folk … Acoustic-Punk from Stoke on Trent.
A sought after band on the festival and gig circuit, “If you want to cast about for labels think punk-folk-rock, somewhere past The Levellers and Billy Bragg and way, way past expectation and easy cynicism. To me they’ve a Pixies style quick change, they move house when you think you know the way.” LOUDERTHANWAR
Where folk and punk collide to provide a passion infused commentary that is as raw and honest as it comes …

Sinful Maggie
Four piece accordion punk rock’n’roll out of Dorset … yarr!
“We try and avoid the Celtic punk ‘banner’ if you like. Really we see ourselves more as a punk band that opted for an accordion instead of another guitar. We’re not really influenced by folk or anything like that so we try and avoid it so people aren’t misled.”

Boogedy Smak
A four piece acoustic/folk/punk band from Kingston Upon Thames.
The group take their influences from all over, from metal to Blues, Crust-punk to country and display this in their music by the change of dynamics song to song.
Named after beer, fueled by beer. Boogedy Fucking Smak!