Kid Kapichi usher in 2022

As we head into a new year that sees our sociopathic Home Secretary grant herself the power to deport 6 million UK citizens (including her own parents) and allowing the feds to detain you for even thinking about going on a protest, it’s good to see that our more enlightened young artists have our backs.

Kid Kapichi’s New England could not be further from the track of the same title by Billy Bragg. While the socialist bard of the 1980s penned his protest tunes with a gentle tenderness that left the listener with feelings of warmth and hope, these lads prefer to smash in our eardrums until we’re beaten into a politicised pulp of righteous rage. The sneering swagger of this song combined with its withering commentary of the absolute state of everything is a glorious and much needed call to arms in these fucking awful times.

Just when you thought this tune couldn’t get any more angry or confrontational it drops in a welcome intervention from Bob Vylan to complete a musical molotov that explodes into the unprotected doorway of the local conservative club.

Recent events tell us that the mainstream political opposition is totally fucked for the foreseeable future. That with regard to kicking back against the forces of greed, racism and incompetence, it is well and truly back to plan A. With bands like this to light the fuse for a generation who’ve been royally fucked over in literally every aspect of what they stand to inherit from those self-serving sycophants of the system, we might just be in with a chance. The great riots of 2022 cannot come soon enough.

Live shows:

Kid Kapachi HERE

Bob Vylan THERE


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