Happy New Wonk!

What better way to kick off a 2021 than a new release from Wonk Unit?

Not content with the epic weirdness of their last musical excursion into the unknown that was Cyclists. The Wonkers have strayed away from their regular sound into yet more uncharted territory with latest offering ‘Raise my glass’. It is the first release by the band to be penned by keyboardist Vez and brings her centre stage for a tune that explores the healing process of time framed by the annual carnage of the New Year’s Eve party. It is a bittersweet track with catchy melodies that hint at yet another potential element to the bands ever increasing range of sounds and song structures.
The band are set to release a new album later this year ‘Uncle Daddy’ which frontman Alex has been hinting is their heaviest release to date. Possibly harking back to their debut album ‘Flying the Japanese Flag’. However it sounds, we’ll all be hoping for a speedy rollout of the new COVID vaccine so we can experience the new songs live and loud as nature intended.


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