Back to the Planet bring forward EP release for Palestinian children

It’s been far too long (again) since Back to the Planet released some new music. Having waited literally years since their most excellent ‘Kick Out’ ep the Peckham-spawned ska-punksters are making their return and raising a few quid for some of the world’s most embattled children.

Their forthcoming release has been brought forward following the horrifying events seen in Gaza and the West Bank and all profits will go directly to the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).

We pestered guitarist Fraggle for the lowdown and he sent us this:

“We were planning on releasing the WAR CRY EP in the summer, but then Palestine got attacked and we really wanted to do something to help. So all the money from the 3 WAR CRY songs, goes directly to PCRF. Also, we just changed our Bandcamp settings so any money from sales of our entire back catalogue, goes to PCRF. We’ll release the whole EP in the summer, as planned, with all the remixes and so on. But this was something we could do right now”

More on The Palestine Children’s Relief Fund:

As Gaza is under attack again, the one million children who live there are the primary victims, suffering physical and psychological trauma from being exposed to bombs and conflict. For 30 years, PCRF has been on the ground providing direct humanitarian aid and caring for tens of thousands of Gaza’s children. We do that by: Sending injured kids abroad for free medical care they cannot get locally; Sponsoring orphans and disabled youths to meet their basic humanitarian needs; Running several humanitarian program and projects, including our Gaza amputee project and providing thousands of children food and medicine; Sending hundreds of volunteer doctors on medical missions to provide free care for injured children and training for local doctors; Large infrastructure projects, like building Gaza’s first and only pediatric cancer department, where hundreds of children get free care. Our Gaza orphan sponsorship program provides food and clothing for hundreds of kids who lost parents to war and disease.

We’ll be posting a review of the new tracks soon. In the meantime buy/donate here:


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